Prague Castle Accessibility 


Prague Castle Accessibility 

Accessibility at Prague Castle is crucial for ensuring all visitors, including those with mobility challenges, can enjoy this historic site.

Prague Castle, one of the world’s largest castle complexes, is now developing well to accommodate visitors with disabilities.

This vast complex consists of a large-scale composition of palaces and various architectural styles, offering an immersive experience for all visitors. 

The Prague Castle Picture Gallery, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, and the Old Royal Palace are among the accessible areas within the castle. 

Visitors are advised to prepare the entire route in advance and check the current conditions of the building to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit.

However, the nature of the ancient architecture and terrain can present some challenges. 

Here’s an overview of Prague Castle’s accessibility features and considerations:

How Many Steps are there in Prague Castle?

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The Prague Castle has various staircases, including the Castle Stairs (also called New Castle Stairs), which have 220 steps and are about 160 meters long. 

These stairs were built as early as 1278 and have always been busy and active. 

The complex is also home to the Old Castle Staircase, which starts at Na Opyši Street and ends at Klárov. 

The number of steps on the Old Castle Staircase is not specified. 

The Castle Stairs are a significant part of the Prague Castle complex, providing access to its front zone.

But there are various ways to access the castle in a wheelchair and easily explore every part.

Visitors can reach the castle by taking low-floor tram No. 22, which intersects with accessible metro stations.

Entrance and Navigation

Disabled Access

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  • Terrain: 

    The castle complex sits on a hill, and some areas have steep inclines or cobblestone paths that might be difficult to navigate for wheelchair users.

    While most visitor buildings are at least partially accessible, some areas, such as the towers and the defensive passageway in Golden Lane near Daliborka, may have limited accessibility. 

  • Lifts and Ramps: 

    Some buildings within the complex, including the Old Royal Palace and the Story of Prague Castle exhibition, are equipped with lifts. 

    Ramps are also available in certain areas to facilitate movement.

Prague Castle Disabled Access at Different Attractions

  • St. Vitus Cathedral: 

    This iconic cathedral has steps at the main entrance, but an alternative entrance with a ramp is available for visitors who cannot use the stairs.

  • Golden Lane:

    Most of the lane is accessible, but the historic buildings, which house small shops and exhibits, have steps and narrow doorways, making access challenging for those using wheelchairs.

  • Royal Garden:

    The Royal Garden, with smoother paths and less incline compared to other parts of the castle, offers better accessibility for a leisurely visit.

The Old Burgrave’s House and the Gothic cellar are also accessible, and wheelchair users and their escorts have free entry to Prague Castle. 

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Facilities in Prague Castle

  • Restrooms:

    Accessible restrooms are available within the complex, though they may not be as readily accessible as in more modern facilities.
  • Parking:

    Designated parking spots for visitors with disabilities are available near the main entrances.

    It’s advisable to inquire in advance about the best parking options.

Tours and Information

  • Guided Tours:

    Specialized guided tours for visitors with disabilities can be arranged, focusing on the most accessible parts of the castle.

    It’s recommended to book these tours in advance.

Information Material:

Information brochures and maps highlighting accessible routes and services are available at the Prague Castle information centers.

Additional Tips

  • Visit Planning:

    Visitors with mobility challenges are advised to plan their visit carefully, considering their own needs and the castle’s terrain.

    Contacting the castle administration in advance to inquire about current accessibility features and any planned events that might affect access is a good practice.
  • Assistance:

    Visitors may need to be accompanied by someone who can assist with navigating some of the more challenging areas.

Prague Castle strives to be accessible to all. 

Continuous efforts are made to improve accessibility, ensuring that all visitors can experience the beauty and history of Prague Castle.

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FAQs on Prague Castle Accessibility

Are there accessible restrooms at Prague Castle?

Yes, Prague Castle has accessible restroom facilities available for visitors with disabilities. 

Locations can be found on the castle map or by asking at the information centers within the complex.

Can I bring a service animal to Prague Castle?

Yes, service animals are welcome at Prague Castle. Visitors are advised to bring any necessary documentation to ensure a smooth entry for their service animal.

What is the best entrance for visitors with mobility issues to use at Prague Castle?

The Third Courtyard entrance is recommended for visitors with mobility issues, as it provides the most accessible route into the castle complex. 

This entrance is equipped with ramps and is closest to some of the main attractions.

Is there designated parking for visitors with disabilities at Prague Castle?

Yes, designated parking spots for visitors with disabilities are available near the main entrances to Prague Castle. 

Visitors are encouraged to contact the castle administration ahead of their visit to secure parking and receive the most up-to-date information.

How can I find out more about accessible routes within Prague Castle?

Accessible routes and facilities at Prague Castle are outlined on the official website and in information brochures available at the castle. 

Visitors can also contact the castle administration directly for the most current information.

Are there any discounts for visitors with disabilities at Prague Castle?

Prague Castle offers discounted or complimentary admission for visitors with disabilities and their companions. 

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