Can You Get Married in Prague Castle?


Prague is the most visited and romantic city in Western Europe, with its rich history and magnificent architecture. 

Millions of people visit this city, not only for tourist impressions but also to get married, which makes it one of the most popular wedding venues.

And it’s no surprise! Such regal architectural gems as Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Lobkowicz Palace and many old chateaus. 

It’s like a dream-come-true wedding place for couples and can be a picturesque backdrop for an unforgettable marriage.

This blog will tell you everything about wedding venues in Prague and why getting married in Prague Castle can be an extraordinary celebration. 

Best Wedding Venues in Prague 

Let’s start with Prague’s most famous historical site, the Prague Castle. It is the world’s biggest castle complex. 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is made up of a great number of palaces and church buildings in various architectural styles. 

Simply put, it is not a single building but rather a vast castle complex.

There are just a few viable ceremony locations inside it (Prague Castle Gardens, St. Vitus Cathedral, and the Lobkowicz Palace). 

Except for the Lobkowicz Palace, planning a wedding entirely within the Prague Castle grounds is a little difficult. 

That is why many couples prefer to have their photo shoots at different places surrounding Prague Castle.

Select the Perfect Venue Within the Prague Castle

If you don’t know about this, Prague Castle is a well-known spot to get married, and there are various sections that can be a perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

Wedding at Lobkowicz Palace—from 1990 EURO*

Wedding venues in Prague

The Baroque Lobkowicz Palace (Lobkovický or Lobkowiczký palác) is located in Prague Castle’s second courtyard, adjacent to Rožmberský Palace. 

It is a very famous luxury wedding venue in Prague, erected in the sixteenth century with an old look.

The walls of the Lobkowicz Palace are covered with the finest art collections, and the whole place screams luxury. 

Wedding receptions are possible in several beautiful and historic rooms within the palace, including the grand Imperial Hall and smaller lounges. 

In addition to the historic chapel, couples can also take their vows in one of the palace’s stunning rooms with a panoramic view of Prague.

With its stunning architecture and panoramic views, the palace is the perfect setting for a memorable wedding in Prague. 

The cost of a wedding at Lobkowicz Palace starts at 1990 euros.

Wedding at St. Vitus Cathedral—from 2100 EURO*

Wedding at St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral, located within Prague Castle, is a popular and stunning wedding venue. 

The cathedral is Prague’s largest and most important church, and it can accommodate up to 200 guests for a Catholic wedding ceremony. 

Its soaring arches and stained glass windows create an atmosphere of reverence and beauty, making it a perfect setting for a fairytale wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony, couples can have a luxurious wedding reception at Lobkowicz Palace, located only a few minutes stroll from the cathedral. 

Lobkowicz Palace offers a blend of history and sophistication, with splendid ballrooms adorned with exquisite artwork and decor. 

The palace accommodates intimate and grand receptions, making it a perfect venue for marriage in Prague Castle. 

The cost of a wedding at St. Vitus Cathedral starts at 2100 euros. 

Getting married in Prague Castle Gardens

Prague Castle Gardens has five baroque gardens: the Ledebour Garden, the Small and Great Pallfy Gardens, the Kolowrat Garden, and the small Furstenburg Garden. 

Each venue has a different concept and character and developed a common style in the 18th century: pompous, colorful baroque, terrace, and light airiness. 

This makes these gardens a perfect place for getting married in Prague Castle. They offer many options for wedding ceremonies, cocktail parties, and receptions. 

In most cases, the marriage takes place on the largest Prague Castle grounds, Ledeburg Garden, under the arches of Sala Terrena. 

Its multiple floors and spectacular vistas of Prague make it an ideal background for photography and filming.

Also, you won’t have to worry about bad weather, as it will cover the rain.

If you are considering booking the castle, make sure you visit the attraction first. Book your Prague Castle ticket here!

Wedding at Ledeburg Garden in Prague — from 1815 EURO*

Wedding at Ledeburg Garden

The Gallery of Ledebour Palace has the garden and Sala Terena and features a stairway leading to the garden.

This is the largest garden in the compound of Prague Castle, with three crystal chandeliers, several windows and space to hold up to 260 people.

You can choose your favorite location in the garden and get your seating arrangement fixed accordingly. 

There is a possibility of installing 256 seats that can face various portions of the garden and another option is to arrange group seats and tables on the lawn.

The paved pathways of the gardens are ideal for tables and catering and will give an elegant wedding look.

And at Sala Terena, you can have great acoustics and a trio of musicians who can perform without a sound system.

Wedding couples can also request to book other parts of the Prague Gardens, like the Small Palfi Garden, for chamber weddings.

This garden gives a royal look and maintains privacy with luxury. 

Take Note

Civil ceremonies are possible from April to October. Please check the available dates at the registry office. 

Meanwhile, symbolic ceremonies, cocktails or receptions are possible all year round. 

The maximum time limit to rent the garden is an hour plus two hours of installation work and clearing. You can request to extend the time limit.

You can book both indoor (up to 40 guests) and outdoor (up to 150 guests) areas for the reception. 

Wedding at the Old Town Hall in Prague — from 950 EURO

The Old Town Hall (Staroměstská radnice) in Prague is an enchanting venue for a fairy-tale wedding. 

The almost 70-meter-high tower, completed in 1364, offers a historic and romantic setting for couples seeking a memorable wedding experience. 

The building, with its Gothic and Renaissance-style facades and the famous Astrological Clock, provides a colorful and picturesque backdrop for wedding ceremonies. 

The Old Town Hall, one of Europe’s most beautiful and recognizable historical venues, is popular for couples looking to create lasting memories on their special day. 

The cost of a wedding at the Old Town Hall starts at 950 euros, offering couples the opportunity to exchange vows in a truly magical and historic location.


How much does it cost to get married in Prague?

The cost of getting married in Prague can vary based on the specific services and venues chosen. 

1. Old Town Hall: Civil wedding ceremony: €950 to €2,080, depending on the package chosen

2. Prague Castle: St. Vitus Cathedral: €2,100 to €3,300, depending on the package chosen

3. Symbolic Ceremony Packages: Start as low as 9,500 CZK (approximately €370)

Can tourists get married in Prague?

Yes, tourists can get married in Prague. The city offers a picturesque wedding backdrop, with landmarks such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and St. Vitus Cathedral. 

The cost of having a wedding in Prague is also considerably less expensive than in many other European cities, making it an attractive option for couples looking to organize their dream wedding.

Where can I get married in Prague?

Prague Castle
Old Town Hall
Vrtba Garden
Lobkowicz Palace
Chateau St. Havel

What is included in the basic wedding package at the old town hall in Prague?

The price for the basic package starts at 950 euros. Additionally, couples can add extra services to their package, such as a photographer for 3 hours, transport, and a wedding bouquet, for an additional cost. 

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