Golden Lane

Golden Lane is a street with modest, multicolored buildings. This one-of-a-kind street is located within Prague Castle and contains intriguing historical facts. 

This street was named after goldsmiths (and alchemists) who were said to have lived there. 

These residences are now primarily souvenir businesses.

It is one of the most popular locations on the castle grounds, but sometimes it looks different than today. 

Your admission tickets to Prague Castle include access to Golden Lane.

Originally, Prague Castle featured two lanes of houses across the street from each other that housed the castle guards.

After WWII, Golden Lane in Prague was renovated when the homes were repainted in the hues seen today and converted into small stores. 

In 1916, the famous author Franz Kafka stayed in house number 22 for two years. 

It was his sister Ottla’s home. In the same house, he purportedly penned his novel Das Schloss and translated it into English as “The Castle”. 

The house has recently been renovated into a souvenir shop.

It is thought that Franz Kafka was inspired to write his work ‘The Castle’ while residing on Golden Lane, inside Prague Castle.

The homes were havens for criminals and beggars in the nineteenth century. 

In the twentieth century, houses on Prague’s Golden Lane were converted into stores selling souvenirs such as puppets and other typical Czech handicrafts. 

Nine houses are dedicated to exhibitions chronicling everyday life in this alley.

Opening Hours:

The Golden Lane in Prague Castle is open seven days a week.

Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Things to do there:

Things to do there
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  • Take a stroll around Golden Lane in Prague and observe the modest houses and the lovely neighborhood.
  • Many homes have been transformed into businesses where you can shop for curiosities like puppets and other traditional Czech things.
  • Visit the art galleries and exhibition rooms to learn about Golden Lane’s history.

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