Which Prague Castle Entrance Should I Take?


The entrance is the first step in visiting any attraction, and the Prague Castle entrance can be hard to find.

There are four entrances to the castle and visitors are often confused about which one is the best entrance to Prague Castle that they should use.

But don’t worry! This guide will tell you about all the entrances and help you choose the right one for you!

Prague Castle Entrance:

The four entrances to Prague Castle are:

The I Courtyard Entrance (West)

The II Courtyard (North)

The Na Opyši Gate (East)

The Royal Summer Palace Entrance (North)

All the entrances to Prague Castle are open from 6 am to 10 pm and can be accessed via any type of Prague Castle ticket.

1. The I Courtyard (Prague Castle main entrance)

The I Courtyard
Image: Wikipedia.org

Location: Hradcany Square, Hradčany, 118 00 Praha 1, Czechia

How to reach: via tram No. 22 to Pohořelec station

The I Courtyard is the main entrance to Prague Castle, located on its western side.

As you approach this entrance, you’ll be amazed by its grandeur, with two giant colossal statues guarding the gateway.

This entrance is convenient for visitors traveling to the castle via a tram to Pohořelec station or those staying in the Lesser Town area.

To reach this entrance, you can take tram No. 22 to Pohořelec station, which is one of the best ways to reach Prague Castle.

After getting off at the station, you can easily walk to this entrance in 10 minutes.

You can choose any of the two routes to reach this Prague Castle Entrance: via Pohořelec and Loretánská or via Pohořelec, Úvoz and Loretánská.

One route requires you to make your way down the hill, and the other requires you to alight at Malostranské náměstí and take the New Castle Stairs.

Both routes will take you to Hradčany Square, where the Courtyard I entrance is located. Get Directions

The castle’s main entrance can be crowded during peak hours.

To avoid long lines at its entrance, make sure to book your tickets in advance and arrive early.

Also, you can learn about some more amazing tips for visiting Prague Castle.

Tip💡: If you have already booked Prague Castle tickets, you must use the Prague Castle main entrance (Courtyard I) to avoid long ticket lines.

2. II Courtyard Entrance

II Courtyard Entrance
Image: Hrad.cz

Location: Second Courtyard of Prague Castle, Hradčany, 119 00 Praha 1, Czechia

How to reach: via tram No. 22 or Bus No. 192 to Pražský hrad stop

The II Courtyard Entrance is located on the northern side of Prague Castle.

This entrance provides you direct access to some of the main attractions within the castle complex, including the Old Royal Palace and St. Vitus Cathedral.

To reach this Prague Castle entrance, you can hop on tram No. 22 and get off at Pražský hrad stop. You can also take Bus No. 192 to this stop.

To reach the station, you need neither to climb stairs nor walk much; just a short 5-minute walk will take you to this castle entrance. Get Directions

This entrance is the best option if you plan to reach the castle by tram or bus to Pražský hrad stop!

The I Courtyard and II Courtyard entrances to Prague Castle provide wheelchair accessibility to visitors. 

The castle also has designated parking spaces near the entrances for visitors with disabilities.

3. Na Opyši Gate

Location: Na Opyši, Praha 1-Hradčany, Czechia

How to reach: metro line A (green) and alight at Malostranská station

Na Opyši Gate is located on the eastern side of the castle.

This Prague Castle entrance is perfect for those living far from the city and who will take the metro to reach the castle.

If you travel to the castle from the metro, following metro line A, you will get off at the Malostranska station, which is located near this gate.

From the station, visitors can take a short walk of around 100m and then follow the Zámecké Schody Stairs or Old Castle Stairs to reach the top of the hill, where the castle is located.

You can also enjoy scenic views of Prague from these stairs.

Alternatively, if you are visiting Charles Bridge and want to explore Prague Castle next, you can take a short walk through the same route and enter the castle from this entrance.

Get Directions from Charles Bridge to Prague Castle

Kindly note that you must use this entrance only if you are comfortable climbing stairs. 

It is not suitable for individuals with mobility issues.

4. Royal Summer Palace Entrance

Royal Summer Palace Entrance
Image: Expats.cz

Location: Queen Anne’s Summer Palace, Mariánské hradby 52/1, 118 00 Praha 1-Hradčany, Czechia

How to reach: via tram No. 22 to Královský letohrádek stop

This Prague Castle entrance is located on the northern side of the complex and is open only during the summer season.

To enter the castle through this entrance, you can take tram No. 22 and get off at the Královský letohrádek stop.

After reaching the stop, you can see the Garden of the Royal Summer Palace, located a few steps away.

You can enter the castle complex through this beautiful royal garden.

After entering the garden, you just need to walk for 10–15 minutes to reach Prague Castle Riding School, which is located 500 m away and serves as the fourth entrance to the castle.

This entrance’s opening and closing hours may vary depending on the season. You can check the official Prague Castle website before planning a visit.

It is suitable for those visiting the castle in the summer season, especially by tram to the Královský letohrádek stop.


Is entry to Prague Castle free?

Public courtyards and gardens around Prague Castle are free to visit.

However, you must buy tickets to visit the buildings inside the castle complex.

Where do you enter Prague Castle?

Prague Castle has four entrances and you can enter through any of them, depending on your transport to the castle.

The I Courtyard Entrance (West)
The II Courtyard Entrance (North)
The Na Opyši Gate (East)
The Royal Summer Palace Entrance (North)

Is it worth entering Prague Castle?

Yes, Prague Castle is worth visiting. With 1.8 million annual visitors, it is the largest ancient castle in the world.

The complex has many stunning gardens, towers, palaces, churches, halls and buildings like St. Vitus Cathedral, the Basilica of St. George, Golden Lane and more.

Which is the best entrance to Prague Castle for advance ticket holders?

The Prague Castle main entrance, also known as Courtyard I, is recommended for advance ticket holders.

This entrance is convenient, and with advance tickets in hand, using the main entrance helps avoid long queues.

Book your Prague Castle tickets now!

Which Prague Castle entrance is best for wheelchair users?

Both the I Courtyard (Prague Castle main entrance) and II Courtyard entrances provide wheelchair accessibility.

These entrances are suitable for visitors with disabilities. Additionally, the castle has designated parking spaces near the entrances for visitors with mobility issues.

Featured Image: Wikimedia.org

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