Prague is one location that appears to be from a fairytale. 

This castle complex has been in use since the 9th century and serves as a tourist attraction and the official residence of the Czech Republic’s president.

As with each historic landmark, Prague Castle has its mysteries. Continue reading for some interesting facts about Prague Castle.

  • Prague Castle is the most visited tourist destination. 

    It welcomes roughly 1.8 million people annually who are interested in learning more about the intriguing structure’s 2,000-year history.
  • The castle’s oldest standing structure was constructed in 920.

    The castle’s original structure was completely destroyed by fire in the 13th century and was never rebuilt. 

    As a result, St. George’s Basilica is the oldest structure still standing that was formerly a component of the palace complex.
  • Even now, the castle continues to serve as the center of power.

    One of Prague Castle’s most intriguing features is that it still serves as the official residence and office of the President of the Czech Republic, as it has since the nation’s founding in 1993.
  • The castle has a long history that reaches back to the ninth century.

    If you ever have the chance to visit the magnificent city of Prague, this castle will be one of the first buildings you see in the city’s historic center.
  • The Prague Castle is listed in the Guinness World Records

    The Prague Castle complex is massive, covering an area of approximately 753,473 square feet. 

    As per the Guinness Book of World Records, this makes it the most prominent ancient fortress in the world. 
  • No one can gain access to the crown jewels

    The priceless Bohemian Crown Jewels, which include the crown of St. Wenceslas, the royal scepter, and the coronation cloak, are kept in an iron safe with seven locks that are concealed inside a chamber door.

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