Prague Castle Gardens

Prague Castle Gardens is a stand-alone tourist destination, unlike most European castle gardens. 

Several portions of the Garden have fans worldwide, notably the St. Wenceslas vineyard, Villa Richter, and the Empire Greenhouse. 

Visitors also go to the Stag Moat, Orangery, and Horticulture Gardens. There are various gardens in Prague one should always see.

Castle Royal Gardens in Prague

Castle Royal Gardens in Prague
Image: Hrad.cz

Habsburg Ferdinand authorized the creation of the Royal Garden. 

He ultimately bought out the proprietors of old vineyards beyond the Brusnice stream valley and erected a Renaissance garden. 

It eventually became known for its unique botanical species, and exotic plants gathered from far-flung regions.

The buildings in the Royal Gardens that amused the nobles were the Ball Game Hall, the Royal Summer Palace, and the Lion Court.

Southern Gardens of the Prague Castle

Southern Gardens of the Prague Castle
Image: Hrad.cz

Almost 500 meters long, the South Gardens are reachable via the Bull Staircase from the Third Courtyard or Opyš near the eastern gate during the summer tourist season. 

The three smaller gardens that make up the South Gardens are Paradise Garden, Garden on the Ramparts, and Hartig Garden. 

In the 1960s, the Hartig Garden with a Music Pavilion, the smallest of the gardens on the Castle’s southern side, joined them.

Bastion Garden

Bastion Garden
Image: Wikimedia.org

On the western side of Prague Castle is where you’ll find the Garden on the Bastion. 

Italian and Japanese gardens were the basis for their modern design, developed in the 20th century by Slovenian architect Josip Plenik. 

The name of the Garden alludes to an older medieval bastion on the western flank of Prague Castle. 

To access this Garden, cross the Powder Bridge over the Upper Stag Moat and proceed past Prague Castle’s northern wing.

Why Go to the Prague Castle Gardens?

  1. The Prague Castle Gardens are divided into two halves, the smaller of which serves as a utility area and the larger as a lovely space. The latter was built at the same time as the Castle by Franz Maximilian Kaka.
  1. The Singing Fountain, one of Renaissance Europe’s most stunning fountains, is one of the Prague Castle Gardens’ most fabulous treasures.
  1. The southern gardens extend the length of Prague Castle’s southern facade, affording a spectacular view of the Lesser Town, Old Town, and Petn.
  1. The current plan of the Garden, established in 1954, is based on a 19th-century English counterpart.

Featured Image: Dermot68 / Getty Images

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