Prague Castle Map


The Prague Castle stands as a symbol of the city’s rich history and architectural brilliance. 

To navigate this vast and culturally significant complex, one requires the guidance of a reliable companion—the Map of Prague Castle. 

Its palaces, courtyards, gardens, and historical structures make Prague Castle one of the largest castle complexes in the world.

The Prague Castle map is a visual key, providing visitors with a comprehensive overview of the complex. 

By understanding the layout, visitors can efficiently plan their exploration, ensuring they don’t miss any of the captivating attractions.

Prague Castle Complex Map

Since the castle was established in the 880s, it has undergone various enlargement and repair efforts, most notably in the 10th and 14th centuries. 

As a result, the Prague Castle complex comprises various architecturally significant buildings and offices, as well as gardens, courtyards, cathedrals, and chapels. 

Let us guide you through the castle.

Prague Castle Entrances

  • The I Courtyard Entrance
  • The II Courtyard
  • The Na Opyši Gate
  • The Royal Summer Palace Entrance

Inside Prague Castle

  • Old Royal Palace
  • The Story of the Prague Castle
  • St. George’s Basilica
  • Golden Lane
  • The Picture Gallery at Prague Castle
  • St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Great South Tower of the Cathedral

Prague Castle Gardens

  • The Royal Garden
  • Garden on the Bastion
  • Terrace Of The Riding School
  • Queen Anne’s Summer Palace Garden
  • Stag Moat
  • Horticultural Gardens
  • South Gardens
  • Orangery
  • Vineyard Garden

Prague Castle Courtyards

  • Courtyard I
  • Courtyard II
  • Courtyard III
  • Courtyard IV

Prague Castle Nearby Shops

  • Pražský hrad Tram Stop
  • Pohořelec Tram Stop
  • Malostranská Metro Stop
  • Malostranská Tram Stop
  • Královský letohrádek Tram Stop

Prague Castle Walking Tour Map

Because of the castle’s numerous attractions, it would be difficult to see everything in a week, let alone a single day or afternoon. 

The Prague Castle walking tour will take you through all of the most important points of interest, highlighting additional ones that you may want to investigate more.

Tips for Navigating the Prague Castle

Navigating Prague Castle can be a fascinating and peaceful experience, provided you approach it with a strategic plan. 

Here are some professional tips to help you make the most of your visit:

1. Choose Your Entrance Wisely

First, you will need to select the entrance of Prague Castle. 

Near each entry point, an information center offers complimentary maps for your exploration. 

If you haven’t already, ensure you grab one, as it will be your trusty guide throughout the castle’s intricate pathways.

2. Follow the Suggested Routes

The free map has suggested routes that will take you through the castle’s highlights. 

Start with the stories of St. Vitus Cathedral, explore the regal chambers of the Old Royal Palace, and continue your visit to Golden Lane

Following these routes ensures that you cover the key attractions seamlessly.

3. Time Management is Key

It’s recommended to allocate plenty of time (4 to 5 hours) to experience the castle fully.

We recommend you consider visiting the castle early or later in the afternoon to avoid the crowds. 

The castle complex is open from 6 am to 10 pm, and the historical buildings are open from 9 am to 5 pm during the summer (April 1 to October 31).

And from 9 am to 4 pm during the winter (November 1 to March 31).

Read our article to learn more about the opening hours and the best time to visit.

4. Consider Guided Tours for In-Depth Insights

If you want to know about the castle in detail, consider joining a guided tour. 

Knowledgeable guides bring the castle’s history and architecture to life, offering captivating insights. 

Many guided tours also provide skip-the-line access, saving you valuable time and ensuring you make the most of your visit.

5. Dive Deeper with Audio Guides

Opting for an audio guide adds more enjoyment to your self-guided exploration. 

As you stroll through the castle complex, the informative commentary enhances your understanding of the surroundings. 

It’s an engaging tool that turns your visit into an educational one.

Visitors to Prague Castle can explore the castle grounds, gardens, and much of the cathedral for free. 

However, tickets are required for individual buildings and areas within the complex. 

Purchasing tickets in advance is recommended to avoid long lines and ensure access to the areas you want to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Prague Castle Map

What are the entrance gates to Prague Castle?

There are four main entrance gates to Prague Castle, each with its own unique access points and nearby attractions:

1. I Courtyard Entrance (West)
2. II Courtyard Entrance (North)
3. Na Opyši Gate (East)
4. Royal Summer Palace Entrance (North)

How will I enter Prague Castle if I get down at Pražský hrad tram stop?

Getting down at Pražský hrad tram stop is excellent timing, as it leaves you right at the II Courtyard entrance of Prague Castle. 

This is a convenient entrance for most visitors.

Which entrance should I choose to enter the Prague Castle?

Take the Pražský hrad tram stop (II Courtyard entrance) for convenience and quick access.

It drops you right at the heart of the castle complex, close to St. Vitus Cathedral and the Old Royal Palace.

How far is Prague Castle from Prague Airport?

The distance can vary between 12.9 km and 13.4 km, depending on the chosen route. Standard Google Maps routes with moderate traffic typically range around 13 km.

Can I get access to St.Vitus Cathedral with my Prague Castle tickets?

Yes, you can access the front, neo-Gothic section of St. Vitus Cathedral with your regular Prague Castle ticket.

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