Top 7 Prague Castle Tips: Best Ways to Visit Prague Castle


The Prague Castle is the most famous attraction in the Czech Republic, but it is often busy with huge crowds and tackling such crowds can be a massive task. 

To foresee such conditions, you can plan your itinerary in advance and learn a few tips and tricks before your visit.

This article will show you all the tips for visiting Prague Castle in the best possible way.

1. Book your Prague Castle Tickets Online

Prague Castle receives 1.8 million annual visitors and is one of the most visited places in the country.

As the castle seeks many visitors, getting tickets at the ticketing office can result in long lines, and tickets being sold out can be another disappointing possibility.  

We recommend booking Prague Castle tickets online in advance to avoid such conditions.

Booking tickets in advance allows you to choose your preferred date and time slot for the visit.

Online tickets also provide options for basic entry tickets, guided tours, or combo tickets to combine with other nearby attractions as well. 

With these skip-the-lines tickets in hand, you can directly enter the castle without waiting in long lines.

Also, discounted tickets are available online and unavailable at the ticket office.

Here are some of the highly-rated Prague Castle tickets:

2. Tips to Avoid Rushing and Beat the Crowds

Prague Castle can be very crowded, especially during peak hours from 11 am to 3 pm.

So, to avoid the rush, it’s important to know the best time to visit the castle. It is in the morning at 9 am or late afternoon after 3 pm.

If you plan to visit in the morning, arrive when the grounds open (5 am in summer and 6 am in winter). 

Not many people arrive early, and the wait at the security checkpoint is short.  

There are three main entrances to the castle complex:

1. Main Front Entry: biggest line with many security officers.

2. Power Bridge Entry (in the back of the complex): lengthy lines but a large staff

3. Old Castle Steps (in the back of the complex)—the queue is shorter, and there are fewer staff

During peak hours, wait times can be 30 minutes or longer.

There is a fourth ‘secret entry’ that few people know about, which is only open from April to September.  

Take trams 22 or 23 and get off at Brusnice, one stop after Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad). Cross the street and walk straight ahead. You will be on U. Brusnice Street. 

Halfway down on the left, a secret gate (security check but no queue) leads to the deer moat. Follow the way to the side entrance of the castle complex.

Prague Castle Tips in a Nutshell:

Plan the visit ahead of time
Arrive early or during non-peak hours
Learn more about the best time to visit, depending on the time of year

3. Follow the Prague Castle Dress Code

Prague Castle tips

Another tip for visiting Prague Castle is to avoid wearing revealing clothes, as it is historically and culturally significant. 

Although the castle has no strict dress code and no guards to check on you, we advise you to respect the religious nature of the site.

Visitors, both males and females, are advised to dress modestly, covering their shoulders, knees and chest.

Men can wear collared full-length shirts, T-shirts, jeans and shoes. However, you must refrain from wearing clothes with offensive slogans.

Women can wear maxi dresses, sweaters, and long skirts with sandals or shoes.

You can also wear casual attire like jeans and tops.

Additionally, before entering the building, the visitor must put away luggage, umbrellas, etc., at the designated place for this purpose in the building, if any.

4. Take a Guided Tour of the Castle

Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records. It has an area of around 70,000 square meters.

This complex has many attractions to see, like the magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, its 16th-century astronomical clock and many more.

Visiting the complex alone can be challenging, especially for first-time visitors.

In order to make your visit enjoyable, informative and complete, another tip is to opt for a Prague Castle guided tour.

With a guided tour, you can effectively visit the castle without missing the important attractions, saving you time.

The expert local guide will provide you with insights and many inside stories about these attractions in your preferred language.

If you want to enjoy a self-guided tour, you can opt for Prague Castle tickets, which include audio guides in different languages.

With audio guides, you can gain detailed information about the history and interiors of St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica and the Old Royal Palace.

There are a variety of tickets with optional audio guides available online in multiple languages, like Czech, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and more.

Book Prague Castle tickets with an optional audio guide now!

5. Allocate Plenty of Time to Visit

how long does it take Prague Castle
Image: Reza Bina on Unsplash

Prague Castle has a handful of attractions, and another important tip for visiting Prague Castle is to allocate plenty of time to explore it.

The Prague Castle Complex includes many palaces, churches, chapels, towers, fortifications, offices, halls, courtyards and gardens.

You can visit one after the other, starting with the St. Vitus Cathedral, which is a must-visit.

However, if you find yourself short on time, you must still dedicate a minimum of three to four hours to experience the highlights of Prague Castle.

The castle’s highlights include the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of St. George and St. Vitus Cathedral. 

Old Royal Palace is one of the oldest structures, dating all the way back to 1135, and St. Vitus Cathedral is a cathedral dedicated to St. Vitus, a Christian martyr. 

It has stunning Gothic architecture featuring stained glass windows and the main nave. 

You must take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the cathedral.

6. Check for the Weather in Prague

The weather in the Czech Republic is moderately continental, with cold winters.

The winter season lasts from December to February, and January is the coldest month, with an average temperature of around -1 °C.

If you are visiting during this season, make sure to dress in layers.

The months of June to August are the warmest, with frequent rain and storms and an average temperature of 16°C to 17°C.

If you are visiting during this season, carry a rain jacket, as the buildings are located far away and you might get wet walking around.

You can dress casually during this time.

7. Wear Comfortable Shoes

comfortable shoes

Another important tip to visit Prague Castle is to wear comfortable shoes with good grip.

The Prague Castle covers a large area, and you will do a lot of walking while exploring it. 

All the walkways, squares and alleys in Prague are paved with bricks, some of which have settled into uneven angles and can become slick when wet.

Comfortable, gripped shoes will save you from falling and will be helpful during the trip.

8. Buy a License to Click Pictures

Who wants to visit a beautiful attraction without clicking a picture there?

The Prague Castle has many points where you will crave a perfect shot for your Instagram stories, but you can click pictures only outside the buildings.

In order to click pictures inside buildings, you need to purchase a license.

A purchased license allows you to click pictures of the interior of the castle buildings. However, using a flash, tripod, or other equipment is still prohibited. 

To capture the memories of your Prague Castle visit, make sure to bring a camera and purchase a license for pictures.


Is there a dress code for Prague Castle?

While Prague Castle does not have a strict dress code, visitors are advised to dress modestly out of respect for the historical and cultural significance of the site.

Both men and women should avoid wearing revealing clothing and cover their shoulders, knees and chests.

Are there any photography restrictions for Prague Castle?

Yes, there are photography restrictions inside the buildings of Prague Castle.

While you can take pictures outside without any restrictions, capturing the interior requires a purchased license.

If you wish to document your visit and take pictures within the castle, ensure you bring a camera and purchase the necessary license for photography.

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