Prague Castle Skip the Line Tickets and Audio Guide


Prague Castle Skip the Line Tickets and Audio Guide

Prague Castle is not just a royal castle built centuries ago but the largest ancient castle in the world.

About two million people visit the castle annually, making it one of the busiest attractions in the country.

Due to its popularity, visitors often need to stand in long lines outside, especially during the peak season when the waiting time extends to 30 to 45 minutes.

This is where the Prague Castle skip-the-line ticket comes in, as it not only gives you easy access inside but also comes with other benefits as well.

For instance, the audio guide helps you tour the castle’s highlights while giving you exciting historical facts and details about the structure.

But worry not, as if you do not want audio and want to explore the castle on your own, there’s an option for that as well.

Visitors who want to enjoy only the skip-the-line benefit can get this ticket for CZK 544( $24).

On the other hand, people who would like the additional audio guide option can get this ticket for CZK 735 ($33).

This ticket is one of the most popular options for Prague Castle, with 4.1 ratings and more than 5,739 reviews on its ticket page.

Highlights of Prague Castle Skip the Line

Skip-the-line Castle Ticket
  • You can skip the line and enter Prague Castle without waiting in long lines.
  • Enjoy a 20-minute introductory overview of your visit and the castle’s highlights as you enter.
  • Get to explore famous sites like St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace and more
  • Admire Prague’s castle’s fantastic architecture and magnificent interiors.

The ticket is valid for two days

Prague Castle Skip the Line Ticket Price

There are two options you can choose from. If you want a detailed guide to the castle and don’t want to miss anything, you can upgrade your ticket with an audio guide.

Entry Ticket (Without Audio Guide)

With this option, enter the castle with an overview of Prague Castle.

Visitors’ AgeTicket Prices
Adult ticket (16+ years) CZK 735 ($33)
Youth ticket (5 to 15 years)CZK 495 ($22)
Child ticket (upto 4 years)CZK 198 ($9)

Admission Ticket with Audio Guide

You can get a Prague Castle audio guide and an admission ticket (with a skip-the-line benefit).

Visitors’ AgeTicket Prices
Adult ticket (16+ years)CZK 841 ($37)
Youth ticket (5 to 15 years)CZK 594 ($26)
Child ticket (upto 4 years)CZK 198 ($9)

Meeting Point for Prague Castle: Skip the line

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to validate your tickets and start your visit to Prague Castle.

Enter the main entrance of St. Vitus Cathedral in the complex of the third courtyard.

When you reach the complex, look for a white and blue umbrella.

You will then meet a castle representative at the entrance.

The representative will then exchange your voucher for the ticket.

After this, you can visit St. Vitus Cathedral, where you will receive guidelines and a map to explore the grounds.

We recommend you enter the castle complex from the side entrance near the tram station Pražský Hrad.

What to Expect in Prague Castle Audio Guide Ticket

As you reach the entrance, meet the representative and exchange your voucher for your ticket, your journey inside the castle begins.

You will first enter St. Vitus Cathedral, where you will not only be amazed by its interiors but also receive the map and guidelines for the rest of the journey.

The Prague Castle complex is an arena for many attractions, so we suggest you tighten your shoelaces as it will be a long journey.

View the incredible architecture of St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, Golden Lane, and Daliborka Tower.

You can learn about the history and purpose of the castle and how it was built.

Also, about its past owners, like the Kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperors, and presidents of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, right from the ninth century.

If you don’t want to miss out on anything, you can get help from the local guide.

Or the audio guide option in this ticket will work for you. The only difference is that you will need headphones for this service.

 You will need an internet connection to access the audio guide

Why Choose Prague Castle Skip the Line Ticket?

This skip-the-line admission that comes with an audio guide isn’t enough to convince you. Here are a few other reasons why this is the best deal for your visit:

Get the most out of your trip: You can enter the castle smoothly and visit several sites inside it without any hassle.

Validity for two days: This is the best benefit, as it allows you to visit the castle at your own pace. You can visit each building inside the castle once within 48 hours.

Flexibility: You can choose whether you want the audio guide or not.

Visitors, especially budget travelers, can find a skip-the-line option that suits them according to the price.

Know Before You Go

  • You will need an internet connection to access the audio guide.
  • After buying the ticket, you can only access the skip-the-line benefit.
  • Some buildings will be closed for visitors during state ceremonies or special events, as it is the presidential office.
  • Discounts are available for students under 26 and senior citizens above 66.

    However, they can only buy tickets offline from the counter after providing valid ID proof.
  • The ticket is valid for only two days.
  • Opening hours may change due to state ceremonies and celebrations.
  • Refunds will not be issued regarding the partial closure or change of operational hours.

Beyond Prague Castle


Is Prague Castle free?

You will need to buy tickets to enter Prague Castle.

However, there are discounts that specific visitors can enjoy.

For instance, students under the age of 26 and senior citizens can enjoy these discounts.

But they will need to buy them at the ticket counter.

Is the audio guide optional in this Prague Castle skip-the-line ticket?

Yes, the audio guide is an option with this Prague Castle skip-the-line ticket.

Can I use this ticket to visit Prague Castle for the second time?

No, the ticket is for one-time use only.

However, it is valid for two days so you can enjoy your visit at your own pace.

The only condition is to visit the attractions or buildings inside the complex only once with the ticket.

Where can I exchange my online ticket voucher for the skip-the-line ticket at Prague Castle?

You will meet a castle representative at the entrance of St. Vitus Cathedral.

The representative will exchange your voucher for the ticket.

How much does it cost to go to Prague Castle?

A Prague Castle skip-the-line ticket costs CZK 445 (€18) for adults over 16.

For kids under 15 years, it costs CZK 49 (€2).

What is included in the Prague Castle skip the line ticket?

• Skip the line admission ticket to Prague Castle.
• A 15- to 20-minute introduction and overview of the castle’s complex
• Orientation map.
• Audio guide

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