Top 10 Things to do near Prague Castle


Top 10 Things to do near Prague Castle

Looking to explore more of what Prague offers beyond the Prague Castle?

You’ll find plenty more sights, culture and activities in the surrounding Hradčany district.

While Prague Castle is a must-see attraction, you may start to feel overwhelmed by the history and architecture after spending a few hours there.

You’ll want some lighter options to balance out your itinerary.

Luckily, the scenic Hradčany neighborhood right outside the castle gates has plenty to keep you entertained for the rest of the day.

In this section, I’ll outline some of the top things to do near Prague Castle once you’ve learned medieval history.

From beautiful gardens and monasteries to viewpoints and charming streets, you have many options to choose from to extend your cultural exploration of this historic area.

1. Attend the Guard Changing Parade at Prague Castle

Yes, Prague Castle itself tops the list of things to do in Prague, as this is one activity we recommend you not miss. 

In its history as the capital of the Czech Republic, it has been home to monarchs and presidents.

Hence, the changing of the guard at Prague Castle is a crucial and curious experience many people wish to see.

Each day at 12 pm, visitors can watch a big guard-changing ceremony at the main entrance gates of Prague Castle.

Also, every hour from 7 am on, there is a simple change of guard.

You can see a parade with military music and the raising of the flag. 

The Castle Guard Orchestra plays a vital role in all ceremonial acts, including accompanying appointments of generals, awarding state decorations, and other important events. 

2. Don’t Miss the Lobkowicz Palace Art Collection

Located in the Prague Castle Complex, the Lobkowicz Palace welcomes over a million visitors annually and is only seven minutes from the main Prague Castle.

Built in the mid-16th century, this palace houses a private art collection and is one of the most significant monuments in the Czech Republic.

This palace is situated in the Prague Castle complex and was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

We are confident that the artwork and heirlooms on display, which have a noble family history in Bohemia, will leave an impression on you.

This collection also includes military items, porcelain pieces, and paintings by artists such as Velázquez, Bruegel, and Canaletto.

Decorative items or manuscript pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, or Haydn.

This attraction is so popular that over a million people come there annually. 

Hence, we recommend that you book the tickets in advance. You can even combine your visit with Prague Castle to save money. 

Quick Information

Opening hours: from 10 am to 6 pm.

Price: A single ticket costs €8 for adults, with a reduced price of €6 for children under 15 and seniors over 60. 

If you want to attend the concert there as well, you can upgrade your ticket by paying €28

3. Visit the Loreto Pilgrimage Temple

Loreto Pilgrimage Temple

Founded in the 17th century and run by Capuchin monks, Loreto is a European pilgrimage destination that is a must-see when visiting Prague.

This temple, also known as the Holy House of Loreto, is famous for its rich religious significance and history. 

One of its most distinctive features is the reproduction of the home where the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary occurred. 

It was constructed in the seventeenth century under the Baroness of Lobkowitz’s direction. 

Our Lady of Loreto is shown in an austere linden wood sculpture within.

Loreto has been an important pilgrimage destination for nearly eight centuries, with faithful pilgrims visiting over the centuries for comfort, healing, and prayer.

Its exterior is notable for the sculptures and bas-reliefs that depict scenes of the Virgin Mary.

You may also view the cloister, the Church of the Nativity, and the Treasure of Loreto, which have artwork that features the Sun of Prague.

Quick information

Hours: 9 am to 5 pm from April to October; 9:30 am to 4 pm from November to March

Pro Tip:

If you are visiting Prague for a week or two, you should set aside time to explore Hradany or the Castle neighborhood, which has many must-see attractions.

4. Prague Astronomical Clock

 Prague Astronomical Clock
Image: Artush

One of the most well-known attractions in Prague is the astronomical clock in Old Town Square.

The clock dates back to 1410, making it the third-oldest clock of its kind that is still in operation.

It displays the relative locations of the Zodiac constellations—the Sun, Moon, and Earth—at a specific moment. 

It offers you a little dance every hour and informs you of the date and hour. 

Visitors can watch the clock strike the hour between 9 am and 11 pm and witness this medieval astronomical clock in action. 

The clock’s tower has undergone several renovations over the years, and unique artwork has been added to it, making it a must-see attraction in Prague.

Quick Information

Opening hours: 11 am – 7 pm

Price: The ticket price for adults between 16 and 64 years old is €16, and children (6 to 15 years), seniors (65+ years) and students (with ID) pay a reduced price of €11. 

Infants can enter for free. 

There’s more…

St. Nicholas Church Old Town Prague is a significant Baroque and Gothic church located in the Old Town of Prague. 

It was built between 1732 and 1737, and it is an imposing place of worship closely associated with the famous Astronomical Clock, attracting thousands of visitors every year. 

5. Old Town Underground

The Old Town Underground in Prague is famous for its historical significance and the unique experience it offers visitors. 

Under the Prague Old Town, an intricate complex of Romanesque Gothic cellars is older than the Old Town Hall itself. 

This web of medieval chambers, corridors, and tunnels provides a glimpse into the city’s past, as the former level of the streets was much lower during the 13th century. 

The Old Town Underground tour, including the spaces hidden beneath the Town Hall site, is popular.

It allows visitors to explore the extensive underground complex and learn about Prague’s rich history. 

During the tour, you will have the opportunity to see hidden rooms, cellars, and corridors and gain a deeper understanding of the city’s history and culture.

6.  Žižkov Television Tower

Žižkov Television Tower

Zizkov Television Tower is among the most iconic landmarks in Prague.

The tower was built between 1985 and 1992 and designed by architect Vaclav Aulicky. It is 216 meters tall, making it the tallest building in the city. 

A 360-degree panorama of the city is available from the viewing platform of the TV tower, which is located 93 meters (305 feet) above the ground.

It consists of three concrete pillars with a metallic finish that supports nine pods positioned directly beneath the decks at the top of the tower. 

Six of these pods are open to visitors, providing a panoramic view of Prague and the surrounding area. 

The lower three pods, approximately halfway up the length of the pillars at 63 meters, house a recently refurbished restaurant and cafe bar. 

The tower is also used as a meteorological observatory and is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. 

Its reputation has spread all over Europe, and it is a popular tourist attraction. 

Visitors can reach the observatory using one of the two lifts, which transports them there in 38 seconds. 

The tower is located in the Žižkov district, and visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Prague from the viewing platform at 93 meters.

7. Take a Stroll Down Golden Alley

Golden lane

Without a doubt, one of Prague’s most exquisite streets is Golden Alley. It got its name since the goldsmiths’ guild lived there for many years.

Strolling through the Golden Lane of Prague is a must-do activity for anyone visiting the city. 

The Golden Lane is a charming street located within the Prague Castle complex, lined with small, colorful houses that once housed castle guards and artisans. 

Visitors can explore the street’s history and unique architecture, which has been preserved since the 16th century and take memorable photos. 

The street is also home to several small shops and cafes, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy the surroundings. 

Visitors can reach Golden Lane by taking a guided walking tour of Prague Castle, which includes a visit to St. Vitus Cathedral and other significant landmarks. 

You will also get to see some of the vibrant residences that were first constructed in the latter half of the sixteenth century to house Emperor Rudolf III’s troops. 

Franz Kafka’s apartment at number 22 is the most well-liked.

8. Take in the Splendor of the Strahov and Klementinum Libraries

The Klementinum Library in Prague is famous for its historical significance, architectural beauty, and the valuable collections it safeguards. 

The library’s Baroque hall, built in 1722, is adorned with stunning science and art-themed fresco paintings, making it a visually captivating space. 

The UNESCO Memory of the World Prize has been awarded, a recognition reserved for collections safeguarding humanity’s heritage from collective amnesia. 

It’s the city’s second-largest building complex after Prague Castle and houses the National Library of the Czech Republic. 

It contains over six million documents, including historical examples of Czech literature, Mozartiana, Tycho Brahe and Comenius material. 

The library’s Astronomical Tower offers a 360° view of Prague and was also historically used for astronomical observations. 

Another one of the best things to do near Prague Castle is to visit the Strahov Monastery Library

With over 200,000 items, this library boasts an impressive collection of antiquarian materials, including a ninth- and tenth-century Strahov Gospel Book.

Quick Information

Opening hours: 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm
Cost: Adult entry is 6 euros, and children’s admission is 3 euros.

9. Don’t Miss Hradčany Square

Hradčany Square

Hradčany Square, also known as Hradčanské náměstí in Czech, is a historic square located near Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic. 

It is renowned for its scenic beauty, characterized by cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and stunning views of the surrounding area. 

Besides being in the shadow of Prague Castle, this vibrant neighborhood is filled with architectural gems, hidden squares, and fascinating history.

Here are some compelling reasons to explore this historic neighborhood:

  • Prague Castle: Hradčany is home to the iconic Prague Castle, the most important monumental complex in the Czech Republic.

    The castle’s stunning architecture and rich history are a must-see attraction.
  • Cathedral of St. Vitus: Located within the Prague Castle complex, this magnificent cathedral is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and is a key highlight of the area.
  • Rebuilt in 1765, the Archbishop’s Palace features a baroque design. Currently, the Archbishopric of Prague is housed there.
  • You can visit the late seventeenth-century Thun Palace, often known as the Tuscan Palace.
  • The National Gallery of Prague’s permanent collection is currently housed in the 1700s baroque Sternberg Palace.

It also oversees the management of the Salmovský Palace, and its collection of Baroque art is kept in the Schwarzenberg Palace.

  • The second part of the sixteenth century was when the Martinitz Palace was built.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently housed in the late 17th-century Czernin Palace.
  • The Strahov Monastic Brewery: Visiting the Strahov Monastic Brewery is a delightful experience for beer enthusiasts.

    This historic brewery offers a range of traditional Czech beers in a charming setting.
  • Convenient Access: Hradčany is easily accessible from the city center, and visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk or use public transportation to reach this historic neighborhood.

10. Madame Tussauds Prague

Madame Tussauds Prague

Madame Tussauds in Prague is a place to turn your fantasies of meeting your favorite celebrities into reality, in addition to being a museum.

It is famous for being a branch of the world-renowned wax museum brand, Madame Tussauds

Visitors can enter a world of fame and get up close to incredibly realistic wax figures of film and music stars, famous sports personalities, and other iconic figures. 

The museum offers an opportunity to “touch the stars” and enjoy a moment of fame by interacting with the lifelike figures of famous icons. 

Madame Tussauds Prague provides an immersive experience, allowing visitors to get closer to their favorite celebrities and historical figures than ever before. 

The museum is located at Celetná 6, 110 00 Praha 1, making it easily accessible to tourists and locals alike.

It is 11 minutes away from Prague Castle and is definitely worth a visit if you are in Prague.

Quick Information

Opening hours: According to the official website, Madame Tussauds Prague is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm.

Price: For adults (16 to 64 years), the ticket price is €12, and for children (up to 15 years), seniors (65+ years) and students with ID, it is a discounted price of €8.

Best Activities to do near Prague Castle

If you are looking for what is around Prague Castle, you should know that the city is not limited to the famous landmarks and architectural structures. 

This city has everything you could want, whether you are searching for an exciting experience, a romantic getaway, or a cruise. 

Below are some interesting things to do near Prague Castle that you should definitely try:

Ghost Tours in Prague

If you enjoy scary stories, ghost stories, and violent tragedies, you might want to sign up for one of Prague’s ghost tours. 

These tours offer a different perspective on the city, taking visitors off the beaten track and into the shadows of Prague’s haunted history. 

Ghost tours in Prague are available in various forms, including walking, bus, and private tours. 

Visitors can explore the city’s dark alleys, medieval convents, old town alleys, palaces, houses, and old cemeteries and learn about the ghosts and specters that haunt these places. 

The tours are led by knowledgeable guides who share stories and legends about mysterious disappearances, murders, alchemists, monsters, and spirits. 

Some of the popular ghost tours in Prague include the Legends of Old Town Walking Tour, the Dark Shadows (Ghosts of Prague), and Haunted Night Tours. 

Prague River Cruises 

A cruise along the Vltava River, which flows through Prague, is a great way to see the city from a different perspective.

The amazing vistas under the open sky, delectable food, and live music make the trip even more unforgettable. 

You can even see spectacular views of Prague’s iconic sights, including Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and the city’s stunning architecture.

It also gives you excellent photo opportunities and a different way to experience the city’s beauty.

River cruise ships dock near the center of Prague, providing easy access to the city’s attractions, and some locations are easily accessible on foot.

Medieval Dinner in Prague 

Prague’s Medieval Dinner promises a fun-filled evening of food, drink, and entertainment. 

You can enjoy the nonstop entertainment featuring professional dancers, sword fighters, and medieval musicians and drummers. 

Also, it is an elegant supper in a medieval environment by selecting your preferred dish from a large array of menu options.

Medieval dinner shows in Prague are held in historic taverns and restaurants, which are decorated in a medieval style, creating an authentic atmosphere. 

You can choose from different packages, including three-course afternoon or five-course evening meals with unlimited drinks. 

The shows are lively and entertaining, making them a popular tourist attraction in Prague and they can be booked through various tour providers. 

Icepub in Prague

Icepub in Prague

How about staying at a place where everything you lay your eyes on or touch is made of real ice?

Not only in your drinks, but even your seats, walls, bar, tables and marvelous sculptures are icy and the temperature stays at -7° C throughout the year.  

Once you enter this pub, you will be given a cozy thermal jacket and gloves, ensuring you won’t feel too cold in this wonderland.

You will also get a complimentary drink included in your ticket price and an entry ticket to Karlovy Lazne nightclub if you have selected that option.

So, be bold, be cool, and seize the chance to make memories in a setting that defies the ordinary. 

If you visit Prague with your friends, this can be a perfect opportunity to explore the five floors and dance to some unique beats.

Quick Information

Opening Hours: 12 pm to 5 am

Time Slot: Every 30 minutes

Ticket Price: Adults (13+ years) must pay 12 euros, and entry for children below 12 is free.

You can be asked to wait for the next time slot if the capacity is full at that one.

Best Restaurants in Hradčany

There are lots of different places to eat in the Hradčany district. 

We’ve included some recommendations below, but you should definitely read the post on places to eat close to Prague Castle if you want more information.

  • International, traditional, and vegetarian food are all available at St. Martin’s. Both the quality of the service and the cost are excellent.
  • U Černého Vola pairs well with a pint of beer and a traditional meal like goulash, knuckle, or kid.
  • U Tri jelínku offers a wide variety of dishes, with particular emphasis on meats, including deer, knuckle, roast duck, goulash, and their homemade soups.
  • If you’re looking for budget-friendly dining options in Hradčany and Letna, there are Kafe U Zelenych Kamen and MLS Waffle Point U Kajetána.

FAQs for Things to do near Prague Castle 

  1. Where do I go after Prague Castle?

    Beyond Prague Castle, you can visit the St. Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane, the Lesser Town (Malá Strana), Charles Bridge, and the Strahov Monastery and Library. 

    Each offers a unique glimpse into Prague’s rich history and culture.

  2. Are there any gardens near Prague Castle worth visiting?

    Yes, the Royal Garden, South Gardens (including the Paradise Garden, Garden on the Ramparts, and Hartig Garden), and the Wallenstein Garden are beautiful Prague Castle gardens that offer stunning views.

  3. Can I find any museums or galleries near Prague Castle?

    The Lobkowicz Palace, part of the Prague Castle complex, houses a notable museum. 

    Nearby, the Schwarzenberg Palace and Sternberg Palace both serve as National Gallery exhibition spaces, showcasing extensive art collections.

  4. Where can I enjoy the best views of Prague near the castle?

    For breathtaking views, visit the terraces of Prague Castle, the Petřín Lookout Tower, and the gardens mentioned above.

    Each provides a unique vantage point over the city.

  5. What dining options are available near Prague Castle?

    The area around Prague Castle boasts a variety of dining options, from traditional Czech cuisine at local taverns to upscale restaurants offering international dishes. 
    The Lesser Town is particularly known for its cozy cafés and eateries.

  6. Is there any nightlife to explore near Prague Castle?

    While the area directly around Prague Castle is quieter at night, the nearby Lesser Town and Charles Bridge areas offer a range of bars, pubs, and some nightclubs, providing options for evening entertainment.

  7. Can I find any shopping areas near Prague Castle?

    Yes, the streets leading up to Prague Castle, especially Nerudova Street in the Lesser Town, are lined with shops selling souvenirs, Czech glassware, jewelry, and art.

  8. Are there any cultural or musical events near Prague Castle?

    Cultural events, concerts, and exhibitions are frequently held in the castle complex and surrounding areas, especially during the summer months. 

    The Lobkowicz Palace also hosts classical music concerts in its beautifully decorated concert hall.

  9. How can I get to Prague Castle and nearby attractions using public transport?

    Prague Castle is accessible by tram (lines 22 and 23) with stops at Pražský hrad or Malostranská metro station (Line A). 

    These routes also provide easy access to nearby attractions.

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