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Some of the city’s most popular attractions are housed within the walls of Prague Castle. 

Aside from the historical defenses, guests can see old cathedrals and churches, historic towers and gatehouses, and magnificent royal mansions and gardens.

Now let’s learn about some helpful tips for visiting Prague Castle.

  • Arrive early

    You will be able to beat the crowd if you arrive early. Try to reach Prague Castle as soon as it opens around 9 am. The crowds will steadily increase over the next hour or so. 

To avoid the crowds, you can buy the Prague Castle skip the line tickets.

  • Allow plenty of time for your visit

    You should allocate at least 2-3 hours to tour Prague Castle. 

    After your tour, you can have lunch near Prague Castle and enjoy some hot dumplings or a cold beer.
  • Purchase the Photographic License

    In addition to the tickets and audio tour, you can purchase a license to photograph the interiors of the Prague Castle complex’s buildings. 

    Purchase this license if you own a camera. St. Vitus Cathedral, in particular, is spectacular, and you will be satisfied if you can take photographs while you are there.
  • Visit St. Vitus Cathedral first

    St. Vitus Cathedral is the most remarkable and magnificent building in the Prague Castle complex. Touring through the complex will tire you rapidly, so explore St. Vitus Cathedral while you still have plenty of energy. 
  • Purchase the audio tour

    The audio guide is straightforward, informative, and comprehensive. It will enhance your visit to the magnificent Prague Castle.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes

    You should wear comfortable walking shoes for walking around the Castle. The squares and lanes at Prague Castle, like all sidewalks in Prague, are paved with bricks, some of which have settled into uneven angles and can become slick when wet.
  • Visit during the week

    Try to visit Prague Castle during the weekdays. Weekends are the busiest times as many people plan their visit during that time.

Featured Image: GetYourGuide.com

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